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Then, two things saved me. The first thing was asking myself, just for a minute, this question: “What if you stopped being right, and started being curious just for a second?” Which lead me to wonder this: “What if you could start a coaching business and be successful? How would you do that?” Asking those questions was kind of relaxing (being right is stressful!) they made me feel just a little bit better. And that led me to the second second thing that saved me I asked myself this question: “Who do you know that you could ask?” And I started asking friends and family (and Google): “Do you know anyone who is a successful coach that I can talk to? Id love to learn more about how they did it.” I also knew a couple of people at work who were coaches in addition to being consultants, and I spoke with them. Those conversations were good: “Coachings great you should totally get certified!” And bad: “The DC market is saturated with coaches, youll never be able to set up your own business.” Even with the bad news, I found myself inspired if other people were doing it, maybe Icould do it too? I was surprised that my family and friends knew some people too and those conversations were really really inspiring “Of course you can be a successful coach in this market Im doing it and Ive been doing it for years. Youll do fine.” Yep, my network started to show me a new way forward, and as I kept asking questions, I got more and more excited. Those initial conversations and questions led to more information, a coaching program, a certification, a new business, a Forbes award as a Top 100 website for careers, and many other amazing honors and fun, but mostly, I get to help people and that feels great.

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. . just puts a smile on my face. It has not even really sunk in yet.” It wasn’t an easy weekend for anyone. Because of rain that prompted an early end to Saturday’s competition, Walker, Day and eight other players had to go 36 holes on Sunday. To expedite play, officials sent off the contestants for the final round in the same pairings as the third round. For a guy trying to reach a personal milestone, and who led or shared the lead after each of the four rounds, Walker exhibited no signs of nerves, at least outwardly. “I’m glad you guys thought I looked calm because that’s what I was going for,” he joked with reporters. “I felt confident in myself.

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