Where To Look For Major Issues For Selection Process

selection process

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For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://sports.yahoo.com/news/hoard-wma-files-won-t-131537509.html

selection process

… For classified positions, another factor to consider with two equally qualified finalists is whether they are current classified employees. Neither longevity on the job, nor promotions and raises, are necessarily proof that an employee was much more than adequate. Employers should ensure that tests and selection procedures are properly validated for the positions and purposes for which they are used. Our process is a student-cantered process, not a school or region centered process. … There is a chance that you will become so satisfied with the positive comments that you may decide not to explore the person’s background any further. A phone screen may be conducted to obtain information such as availability, salary requirements, special position requirements e.g. ability to perform shift work, ascertain minimum requirements and other preliminary information to assist the search committee with their review. A job reference may be the most effective way to learn about dependability, follow through, and ability to get along with co-workers. Supervisors may ask a committee to participate in the overall process including evaluating written materials and serving on an interview panel, or they may choose to evaluate written materials themselves and convene a panel to participate in interviews only.

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